Keen’s Casual Footwear for Men: A Basic Comparison

Before we delve too deeply into today’s blog post, just wanted to remind everyone about the upcoming April 6th Free Foot Event! Betsy Folkerth will be offering free foot detox baths and foot evaluations, while Ingrid Butts will be offering free foot massages! Call 641-1551 today to book your slots!

Today we will be exploring some casual footwear options for men from Keen. Sure, there are many guys who just wear their hiking boots/running shoes/sandals all day, every day… but having a couple options is great for extending the life of your shoes, as well as adding a little variety without sacrificing comfort.We are going to compare the Austin, Finlay, Alki Lace, and Briggs II using the comparison tool on Keen’s website. This chart compares weights, sizing, leather types, purpose, lacing, whether it is water resistant, and whether it is non-marking or not.

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With that in mind, how do you choose? It really just depends on what matters most to you. Keens are well-known for their comfort, and while the chart says they all fit “pretty true to size,” they are also known for being a wider fit.

While Keens are known for being a comfortable shoe, there are slight differences in the footbeds. The Briggs II offers the Keen Cush Footbed, made from recycled PU, cork, and memory foam for both sustainability and comfort. The Alki Lace, Austin, and Finlay offer a removable metatomical EVA footbed. If you wear orthotics, it’s great to be able to remove the brand-issued footbed.

They all also have a slightly different appearance, and a few different color choices. While we usually carry one color at a time, if you find a good fit, we are always happy to order anything in another color.

It’s hard to tell from a chart on the internet which one you will find the most comfortable, so we suggest coming in and seeing for yourself which one is best for your feet and lifestyle! Thanks for reading and happy Friday!